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Hillsborough The English Country House Hotel & Leisure Chiang Mai

Escape to the mountain

Discover breathtaking views and peaceful surroundings of Doi Suthep-Pui at Hillsborough The English Country House Hotel & Leisure

     Hillsborough Café Opening from 08.00 AM – 07.00 PM, the restaurant is located in the Peter & Son building, which is in the vicinity of the English garden with a gently flowing creek. You can choose between comfortable air-conditioned seating and outside seating with the stunning scenery of the garden, the creek, and the beautiful English country house styled buildings. The spot is also perfect for seeing the sunset behind the Beatrix House building. The restaurant is finely decorated in English country style, with a traditional horn chandelier and a fireplace which is lit in winter, when the temperature is at approximately 4-6 degree Celsius. You can have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner here.
     Even if you are not staying in our hotel, you are welcome to drop by to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere and the tasty meals, be it breakfast lunch or dinner, or even just for a cup of beverage in the afternoon. The menu is as attached.
Coffee Hot Ice Frape Extrashot
Hillsborough Coffee60.-70.-80.-30.-
Thai Tea60.-70.-80.-30.-
Green Tea60.-70.-80.-30.-
Twinings Tea60.-70.-80.-30.-
Smoothie (Whipcream + 15 Baht)
Lynchee80 Baht
Kiwi80 Baht
Strawberry80 Baht
Fresh Milk & Oreo80 Baht
Fresh Milk&Caramel 80 Baht
Fresh Milk&Strawberry80 Baht
Italian Soda
Kiwi70 Baht
Strawberry70 Baht
Blue lemon70 Baht
Lynchee70 Baht
Blue Hawaii70 Baht
Mineral Fruits99 Baht
Heineken80 Baht
Singha80 Baht
Lao Lager / Dark80 Baht
Soda15 Baht
Coke/Sprite/Schweppes20 Baht
Water20 Baht
Ice15 Baht
Grilled PorkRibs  HillBoRough Sauce299 Baht
Grilled Pork Ribs passion fruit Sauce299 Baht
Salmon Steak with ginger sauce289 Baht
fish & chips239 Baht
Baked River Prawn with Cheese and Tom Yam Kung sauce315 Baht
Chiken White Sauce219 Baht
Pork mushroom Sauce239 Baht
Fish White Sauce239 Baht
Beef Black Pepper Sauce279 Baht
Margherita Pizza229 Baht
Ham Cheese Pizza239 Baht
Hawaiian Pizza289 Baht
Fruit salad and ice cream149 Baht
Banana Flambe139 Baht
French fries69 Baht
Crispy Roti99 Baht
Banana Roti139 Baht
Spring rolls Fried Shrimp109 Baht
Cheese Spring Rolls129 Baht
Ice-cream Sunday
Lime / Chocolate / Coconut Milk / Mocha / Chocolate Chips
109 Baht