Hotel Facilities

Discover breathtaking views and peaceful surroundings of Doi Suthep-Pui at Hillsborough The English Country House Hotel & Leisure

     When you sit on a comfortable sofa in our lobby, which contain a fireplace to warm you up in winter and a beautiful piano to play a beautiful piece on, you can see a fascinating terrain of the gorgeous English garden and an outdoor swimming pool, and enjoy an afternoon tea or coffee with cakes, cookies, or any other of our delicious desserts.

     Hillsborough The English Country House Hotel & Leisure Chiangmai is a unique, English country house style hotel. Country house hotel was originated when descendants of English aristocrats open their ancestors’ house as a hotel, which give each accommodation their own exclusive features.

     Hillsborough The English Country House Hotel & Leisure Chiangmai covers vast area of 2 acres, featuring a gorgeous fountain-decorated English garden, a spacious creek-bordered lawn, and over 250 bushes of elegant roses. In our organic orchards are strawberries, grapes, peaches, cherries, cherry blossoms, maples, silk floss trees, avocados, and various other plants and floras for you to see, and also a little lovely sheep farm for you to enjoy. If you are into swimming or sunbathing, we also provide you with an outdoor swimming pool and sunbathing zone.

     You can enjoy yourself with various pleasant activities available like spending relaxing afternoon sipping your favorite cup of tea while taking a stroll through the garden, hand picking a fresh strawberry in the orchard for a snack, bringing the crops from the organic orchard to our chefs for a delicious freshly cooked dish, feeding the sheep, or fishing in the creek. For outdoor activities you might want to trek or cycle through the calmly beautiful country village, or swim in our outdoor swimming pool with a cozy sunbathing zone.

     We are truly a leisure hotel with a outstandingly unique style and only 10 spacious luxury bedrooms and suite, each with their own individual style and scenery.

     Hillsborough The English country house hotel & leisure provides you with 2 lovely and cozy restaurants as follows,

     1. Grandma’s Restaurant Opening from 06.00 AM – 07.00 PM, this restaurant is on the ground floor of the Beatrix House building. This spacious and comfortable English country house style restaurant offers both indoor seating with television and air conditioner, and outdoor seating with natural scenery and fresh air. This restaurant provides Full English Breakfast buffet and a-la-carte lunch and dinner.

     2. Hillsborough Café Opening from 08.00 AM – 07.00 PM, the restaurant is located in the Peter & Son building, which is in the vicinity of the English garden with a gently flowing creek. You can choose between comfortable air-conditioned seating and outside seating with the stunning scenery of the garden, the creek, and the beautiful English country house styled buildings. The spot is also perfect for seeing the sunset behind the Beatrix House building. The restaurant is finely decorated in English country style, with a traditional horn chandelier and a fireplace which is lit in winter, when the temperature is at approximately 4-6 degree Celsius. You can have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner here.

     Even if you are not staying in our hotel, you are welcome to drop by to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere and the tasty meals, be it breakfast lunch or dinner, or even just for a cup of beverage in the afternoon. The menu is as attached.